Horror DVD Releases – Week of April 13th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix and BestBuy)

The Daisy Chain (2008)
Struggling to recover from the death of their infant daughter, the Conroys — Martha (Samantha Morton) and Tomas (Steven Mackintosh) — move to rural Ireland and soon find themselves drawn to one of the town’s residents: an autistic orphan named Daisy (Mhairi Anderson). When a string of strange events connected to Daisy starts to occur, however, the couple begins wondering whether she’s a victim of superstitions or a dangerous changeling.

Creature of Darkness (2009)
Hoping to exorcise a recurring nightmare in which a mysterious clawed monster mauls him to death, Andrew (Devon Sawa) and a group of his pals journey into the backcountry for a little extreme-sports therapy. But when a terrifying beast begins attacking the group, Andrew must confront the very creature of his dreams. Mark Stouffer directs this independent horror flick that co-stars Sanoe Lake and Matthew Lawrence.

Infection (2009)
Sixty years after the quaint town of Springville fell prey to a mysterious alien invasion, one of the few survivors relays the details if the attack to a journalist who specializes in conspiracy theories. Immediately after a meteor lights up the sky over Springville, it comes plummeting to earth at the edge of town. Before long, the townspeople are exhibiting some particularly bizarre behavior.

The Greatest American Snuff Film (2010)
A director’s cut of his notorious 2003 shocker The Great American Snuff Film, this version of Sean Tretta’s grim feature debut includes new footage expanding on the story of fictional serial killer William Allen Grone. In 1995, Grone rolled tape as he and an accomplice tortured and murdered two young girls. Now, “actual” footage of that horrifying crime has surfaced. In this film, we witness the fury of Grone’s madness firsthand, and hear in his own words what drove him to commit such heinous acts of depravity and murder. “Real” trial footage of Grone in court reveals just how the judge and jury responded upon hearing the grisly details of his crimes.

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