Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 25th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy)

Babysitter Wanted (2008)
When she takes a job babysitting a young boy (Kai Caster) for a night at his family’s remote farmhouse, sweet college co-ed Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) becomes the target of a scar-covered creep making mysterious phone calls and prowling outside the windows. Angie gets the drop on the would-be killer, but quickly discovers that her nightmare has just begun. Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri direct this darkly humorous horror flick.

Cornered (2008)
Suspense and black humor blend as a serial killer stalks Los Angeles convenience marts, where he tortures and slays the occupants. When store owner Steve (Eduardo Antonio Garcia) and his buddies begin a poker game one night, the stakes are higher than they can imagine. The players start to disappear, and when they see one of their friends murdered via security camera footage, the race for survival begins. Steve Guttenberg and James Duval co-star.

Finale (2009)
Refusing to believe that her occultist son died by his own hand, Helen (Carolyn Hauck) follows a twisted trail to an old Victorian swathed in black paint, a booby-trapped bedroom and demonic encounters that ravage her sense of reality in this lushly filmed slasher. Consumed by paranoid visions, and with her daughter, Kathryn (Suthi Picotte), in mortal jeopardy, Helen descends headlong into the shrieking abyss that swallowed her son.

Hard Ride to Hell (2010)
Unsuspecting RV owners who are camping in Texas stumble onto a hideous sacrificial ceremony and lose one of their own before they escape the gang of devil-worshipping bikers led by the sinister Jefe (Miguel Ferrer). Fleeing to a ghost town complete with its own lethal curse, the hapless vacationers find themselves trapped in an epic struggle between good and evil with other players that include an exceedingly odd boy and a possessed preacher.

Someone’s Knocking at the Door (2009)
Returning to the medical school where they were test subjects decades ago, a pair of outrageously twisted serial killers use shockingly brutal sex acts to start killing off a group of drugged-out med students. Now, the students must find a way out of their trippy hallucinations to defend themselves against the maniacs. Noah Segan, Elina Madison and Ezra Buzzington star in this psycho-delic, over-the-top bloodbath from director Chad Ferrin.

The Landlord (2009)
It tough keeping tenants who stick around long enough to pay the rent when you’re a nice guy like Tyler (Derek Dziak), who has to answer to two hungry demons (Mike Madgiak and Refugio Molina) who haunt the place — and keep gobbling up his profits despite his lame attempts to sway them. As a landlord, he’s out of his league. But then a likeable girl (Erin Myers) on the run shows up, looking for a safe place to live.

The Shadow Within (2007)
Warped by grief after one of her twin sons dies at birth, Marie (Hayley J Williams) allows a sinister medium to use the surviving twin, Maurice (Laurence Belcher), to communicate with the other side. But danger beckons when the dead Jacques begins to sap Maurice’s life force. Maurice realizes that although his ghostly brother is merely seeking the love of their parents, he intends to drag his family with him to the realm of the dead.

Butterfly Dreaming (2008)
In the aftermath of his wife’s untimely death in an automobile accident, Rob Pollack (Andrew Bowen) finds his once-peaceful existence unraveling as the line begins to blur between his troubled dreams and an increasingly uncertain reality. But is Rob’s confusion a result of his sorrow or his guilt? Missy Crider and James McDaniel also star in this tense thriller from writer-director Rufus Williams.

Tell-Tale (2008)
In this thriller inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” Josh Lucas stars as Terry, a single dad who’s kept alive by another man’s heart — a scenario that suits him fine until he discovers that the ticker’s original owner was murdered. Worried that he might come to a similar end, Terry embarks on a desperate search for the donor’s killer in this Michael Cuesta-helmed film produced by Ridley and Tony Scott.

City of the Living Dead: Special Edition (1980)
This gruesome horror film from cult director Lucio Fulci posits a priest’s suicide opening the gateway to Hell, freeing bloodthirsty zombies to roam the town of Dunwich.

The Hanged Man (2009)
An internet suicide pact becomes a horrifying ordeal for seven desperate souls in this independent chiller from director Neil H. Weiss.

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