Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 4th, 2010

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010)
This week’s biggest release is the long anticipated Elm Street documentary, NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. Available directly from the Elm Street Legacy website, orders for the 2-disc DVD placed between now and June 1 receive a free poster of the cover art signed by Heather Langenkamp.

(descriptions below are from Netflix and BestBuy)

Cold Storage (2006)
After a loner named Clive Merser (Nick Searcy) witnesses an atrocious car accident near his desolate backcountry home in Tennessee, he becomes convinced that the dead driver, Melissa (Casey Leet), is the girl of his dreams — and does just about anything to keep her around. Meanwhile, Melissa’s sister, Cathy (Joelle Carter), and boyfriend, Daric (Matt Keeslar), frantically try to find her. Tony Elwood directs and co-writes this thriller.

Dark Nature (2009)
Jane (Vanya Eadie) and her daughter, Chloe (Imogen Toner), travel to a scenic Scottish village, hoping to mend their fractured relationship. But family squabbles soon become the least of their concerns in this bloody Troma thriller. With Jane’s new boyfriend and Chloe’s younger siblings in tow, the two women mingle with the welcoming locals — until a series of terrifying events forces the family to fight for their lives.

House of Usher (2008)
While visiting his reclusive, ailing ex-lover Roderick Usher (Frank Mentier), Victor Reynolds (Michael Cardelle) slowly learns of the dreadful secrets lurking in Roderick’s house and eventually finds himself in grave danger in this contemporary spin on the Edward Allan Poe classic. Spooky and muscular shirtless men abound in David DeCoteau’s gay-themed horror, which also stars Jaimyse Haft as the bizarre Madeline.

Slasher (2007)
When sexy psychology student Erin (Christiane Imdahl) hits the breaking point with school, she rounds up a bunch of friends, and they head into the woods where they party the weekend away — until a chainsaw-wielding maniac begins hunting them down one by one. Now fighting for their lives, the pals must also confront sinister secrets from their past. Frank W. Montag directs this German grindhouse flick.

The Gatekeeper (2008)
A team of hockey players and a feuding couple are forced to face off against an army of flesh-eaters after a traffic accident in the Welsh hills leaves them all stranded in the middle of nowhere with a pair of mysterious strangers.

Blood Myth (2006)
A young group of survivalists-in-training are stalked through the woods by a psychotic killer seeking victims for a blood sacrifice. Back in the 1990s, a maniac working for a private security company in Yugoslavia used the conflict in the country as cover for a series of grisly murders. Conducting the killings under the twisted guise of experimental archeology, he claimed numerous lives before vanishing into the countryside.

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