Top Five Rock Star Cameos in Horror Films

1. The Misfits as The Misfits in Bruiser (2000)

Bruiser is George Romero’s underrated gem of a movie that pays tribute to the stylized horror of such European masters as Dario Argento and Jess Franco. It also features a rowdy, raucous musical finale that includes a cameo by The Misfits. They do such a good job in the film, that Romero agreed to direct the video for “Scream,” the song they perform in the film.

2. Alice Cooper as an insane homeless man in The Prince of Darkness (1987)

This is arguably Carpenter’s “creepiest” film, with a menacing atmosphere that reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft. It’s also the original shock-rocker Alice Cooper’s film debut, and he’s terrific as the psychotic, killer bum with a talent for artistic crucifixions.

3. Bauhaus in The Hunger (1983)

Long before Twilight turned them into effervescing teens and little league baseball players, vampires were sexy and sophisticated adults, as evident in this slick, stylized appearance of Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy in The Hunger’s opening title sequence.

4. Meatloaf as Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

I’ve heard that until Meatloaf took over the role of Eddie in 1974, no actor had been able to successfully sing “Hot Patootie” because of its high vocal range and rapid-fire lyrics. Technically, his appearance in the subsequent film version of the show isn’t exactly a cameo, but the way he owns the role of the free-spirited Eddie does prove once again that rock stars seem right at home on the silver screen.

5. Henry Rollins as Colonel Dale Murphy in Wrong Turn 2 (2007)

Henry Rollins is the only noteworthy thing about this movie. He’s a full-throttle bad-ass from the moment we see him on screen, and my favorite moment in the film involves his over-the-top, commando-style escape from the mutant hillbillies.

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