Horror DVD Releases – Week of July 13th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy)

Parasomnia (2008)
In this sinister twist on the Sleeping Beauty legend, an innocent beauty suffering from a rare sleep disorder falls victim to a menacing mesmerist and serial killer who draws his vast arsenal of hypnotic weaponry to take control of her fragile psyche.

Unearthed (2004)
A young archeology professor discovers a mysterious extraterrestrial artifact that sparks an underworld war in this sci-fi thriller starring Tom Savini. With a trigger-happy cop closing in on one side and an otherworldly vigilante giving chase on the other, the archeologist must uncover the true origins of the artifact, and ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Scream Girls (2008)
A group of bullying schoolgirls band together to battle the avenging spirit of a classmate whose death they caused during a cruel prank. In the wake if the students tragic death, whispers of her imminent begin to circulate through the school. Convinced that they will be the target of her wrath once the ghost gains enough power to strike back, the girls responsible for the fatal prank prepare for a frightening supernatural confrontation.

Killer Car (2008)
A group of students rent a car for a road trip into the country, and discover that the vehicle is possessed by the malevolent spirit of its former owner once they’ve reached their secluded destination.

Radiant (2005)
Four people suffering from mysterious, chronic medical conditions flee into the desert after being mistakenly infected with an experimental virus, allowing the germ to work its way through their systems as they resist every attempt to be captured and quarantined.

Primal Rage (1990)
This blood-soaked, stomach-churningly gory Italian horror outing is set on a college campus in Miami and chronicles the grisly aftermath that occurs when a student is bitten by a lab animal and turns into a voracious, man-killing beast.

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