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i recently moved, and while packing/unpacking/organizing all of my dvds, it quickly became apparent that my collection had grown beyond what most (including my wife) would consider “a reasonable size.” to remedy this, i took a rather large selection of my dvds and put them for for sale on amazon. my collection spans the full spectrum of genres, but (as you’d probably expect) the majority of those for sale are horror.

as a “thank you” to those that visit our little site, if you happen to find anything that strikes your fancy, please email me at either before or just after placing your order and i will include in your shipment, free of charge, a dvd of your choice from the rest of my collection priced $4 or cheaper (which is most of them). just email me the title you’d like free, and i’ll slip it in the envelope with your order.

or you could just email me to let me know i’m insane for getting rid of something with as awesome a title as BLOOD RANCH. which, obviously, i am.

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2 Responses to Used Horror DVDs

  1. You are an unlucky man that this month it’s meds over everything or else I’d make everything there mine starting with the suicide club!!

    Seriously though, my collector/hoarder gene is curious. Were you able to pick the selections to go, or was it your lovely wife who helped you make the final “cut?”

    I hope you are enjoying your new digs.
    Lazarus Lupin
    arts and review

    • Corey says:

      haha, no — i had full control over what went up for sale and what i kept. for those that weren’t obvious (e.g., i had multiple copies of a film), my rule of thumb was to ask myself “will i ever watch this again, or am i keeping it simply to look cool on the shelf?” if the answer was “no, i will never watch this again”… it went up on amazon.

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