Horror DVD Releases – Week of August 17th, 2010

the highlight of this week’s releases is THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN, the sequel to larry blamire’s hilariously unique parody of 1950s b-movies, THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA. if you haven’t seen the latter, seek it out… if you have, then queuing up the sequel should be a no-brainer.

this isn’t really new to dvd, but i thought it worth mentioning that lars von trier’s exceedingly creepy and character-driven series THE KINGDOM just popped up on netflix watch instantly. split into two mini-series, series one and series two are both available. part E.R., part THE GRUDGE, THE KINGDOM follows the drama surrounding several doctors and patients residing in a haunted hospital. far superior to stephen king’s watered-down and barely recognizable americanization of the series (cgi aardvark, wtf?), the original version of THE KINGDOM is well worth checking out.

(descriptions from BestBuy)

The Lost Skeleton Returns Again (2009)
A tongue-in-cheek jungle adventure shot in Super Skeletorama, director Larry Blamire’s sequel to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra follows Reet Pappin (Frank Dietz) deep into the Amazon in search of a priceless new mineral known as Jerranium 90. Venturing into the green inferno, Reet knows that in order to find the source of Jerranium 90, he will first have to find Dr. Paul Armstrong, a once-brilliant scientist turned cynical alcoholic. Finding Dr. Armstrong won’t be easy, so in order to get the job done Reet invites Armstrong’s wife Betty and Dr. Roger Fleming along for the mission. Later, it’s revealed that Dr. Fleming has come into possession of an item that seems to belong to the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and the group ventures into the famed Valley of the Monsters, where they encounter a secluded breed of jungle-dwellers who may be able to help them find what they’re searching for.

Dark & Stormy Night (2009)
Writer/director Larry Blamire (The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Trail of the Screaming Forehead) returns to the helm with this parody of 1930s-era old dark house films, presented in glorious black and white, and featuring every character stereotype and story cliché that kitsch fans have come to associate with these estate-bound frighteners.

Dexter: The Fourth Season
When Miami Metro uncovers a string of homicides and connects them to a well-known photographer, Dexter turns his focus on this new perpetrator in hopes of taking a shot at bringing him down. But Quinn’s interest in Dexter’s nocturnal pursuits puts a crimp in his plan. Meanwhile, the Trinity Killer is still at large and Harry urges Dexter to stay with the case.

Burning Bright (2009)
An autistic twelve year old boy and his older sister battle a Bengal tiger in a boarded up house as a massive hurricane blows into town, dashing any hope of a hasty escape.

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