Horror DVD Releases – Week of October 26th, 2010

(descriptions from BestBuy & Amazon)

ALIEN Anthology (blu-ray)
In space, no one can hear you scream.

Lake Placid 3 (2010)
A game warden (Colin Ferguson) moves into his aunt’s lakeside cabin with his wife and young son, and the little boy feeds the resident baby crocodiles until they grow up into monstrous predators that become a menace to the family.

Brain Dead (2008)
Six friends fight for their lives against a rapidly growing horde of alien infected zombies in this deliriously gory horror comedy from veteran horror director Kevin S. Tenney (Night of the Demons, WItchboard).

Mutants (2010)
The father of her unborn child infected with a highly-contagious virus that turns humans into rampaging, primal killers, terrified Sonia (Hélène de Fougerolles) watches in horror as his condition deteriorates, and then fights to the death against the man she loves most.

Altitude (2010)
After a mysterious malfunction sends their small plane climbing out of control, a rookie pilot and her four teenage friends find themselves trapped in a deadly showdown with a supernatural force.

The cult classic known as the greatest British zombie biker movie ever made returns with the ultimate full-throttle restoration: Nicky Henson (THE WITCHFINDER GENERAL), Beryl Reid (THE BEAST IN THE CELLAR) and Oscar® winner George Sanders (ALL ABOUT EVE, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED) star in this beloved 70s mind-blower about a motorcycle gang who burst from their graves to crush a world of psychedelic hippie pleasures under the wheels of black leather occult mayhem.

Eyes of the Chameleon (2005)
Sara is stuck in Las Vegas working a dead end bartending job. A chance meeting with a member of the occult triggers a psychotic break and she descends into a world of group sex, unrepentant drug use and rampant violence. As she spins faster and faster out of control, her friends are slowly killed off in mysterious and brutal ways. Is Sara being stalked by an unnamed killer or is she the one guilty of the murders?

The Dead Outside (2009)
A mysterious girl with a dark past and a desperate survivor still mourning the loss of loved ones attempt to avoid falling victim to a highly-contagious psychological plague by holding up in an isolated Braehead farm in first-time feature film director Kerry Anne Mullaney’s grim apocalyptic thriller.

Bloodbath in the House of Knives (2009)
A hypnosis demonstration serves as the catalyst for murder in this micro-budgeted, neo-giallo shocker featuring Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman.

Cannibal Girls (1973)
Second City TV regulars Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin star in this Canadian horror spoof as a couple on a romantic holiday who settle into a quaint little bed-and-breakfast run by a trio of flesh-eating ladies who fancy them for tomorrow’s menu.

House (1977)
This satirical murder mystery pits a woman who is the epitome of glamour (played by Haruko Wanibuchi) against a clever murderer during a holiday stay at a strange ghostly mansion. Seven young women, who have chosen as nicknames the brand names of much-advertised consumer products, begin to disappear in a decidedly suspicious manner. Are they fashion victims? How else can one explain the eerie coordination between their pastel outfits and the pastels of the rooms in which they appear? It is up to the heroine — whose every screen appearance is heralded by special lighting, gentle breezes, and a soft camera focus — to find out what is going on.

Lynch Mob (2008)
All hell breaks loose when a street savvy criminal is placed in a small southern town under the witness protection program, and the mobsters seeking to silence him arrive to discover that this particular town suffers from a gruesome, century-old curse. Passing through, one would assume that Lynchburg, Georgia is just a typical rural town. But the citizens of Lynchburg have been condemned to a diet of human flesh, and in order to feed they lure in unsuspecting travelers.

Hush (2008)
The rain falling from the sky as he drives along the M1, Zakes is shocked to see the back of a truck slide open, and a young woman fighting for her life. After phoning the police, Zakes ignores Beth’s pleas to tail the truck, instead pulling into the next pit stop. Infuriated, Beth storms off, and vanishes without a trace. Later realizing that his girlfriend has just become the next victim.

Flick (2007)
In life, rock and roll rebel Johnny was the laughing stock of his peers; in death, the slick haired corpse rises from a watery grave to ensure that those who once mocked him never get the chance to laugh again.

Eulogy for a Vampire (2009)
In this horror film, the peace of a monastery is disrupted by strange occurrences in and around the formerly quiet place. More than two decades ago, Anthony killed a fellow novice after his affection was spurned, and then covered his crime. Now he is the monastery’s leader, but he isn’t sure what to do about the creepy happenings that plague his home.

The Carrier (1987)
When residents of a small Midwestern town begin to fall ill from a mysterious disease that devours flesh, the locals attempt to eradicate all suspected carriers.

Death Tube (2010)
Fukuda Youhei weaves this gruesome yarn about a young woman who becomes obsessed with a morbid internet game show featuring live murders, only to realize she’s the next contestant after waking up on the other side of the webcam.

Maniac: 30th Anniversary (1980)
Joe Spinell, who appeared in Taxi Driver, stars in this unsavory horror film as Frank Zito, a character reminiscent of an even more disturbed Travis Bickle. Frank is an embittered loser who talks to himself and his dead mother, stalks a pretty model (Caroline Munro), and spends his spare time brutally murdering women. He then scalps his victims and puts the trophies on mannequins which he takes to bed with him at night.

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