Horror DVD/Netflix Instant Releases – Week of November 23rd, 2010

(descriptions from BestBuy)

Grotesque (2009)
A maniacal doctor abducts a young couple, forcing them to endure unspeakable torments while methodically breaking their spirits until they have no possible hope for survival. Banned in the UK.

Hide And Go Kill (2008)
An enigmatic blog becomes a viral sensation, and serves as the catalyst for a treacherous online game in which participants must stab a teddy bear stuffed with nails and rice, and submerged in a bathtub in a darkened restroom. When the participants begin to display signs of possession, a once playful game takes on decidedly ominous undertones.

Hide And Go Kill 2 (2009)
A young student makes a horrifying discovery about a popular online game when her friend, a regular player, vanishes without a trace. Just before Ritsuko disappeared, she had become obsessed with a wildly popular game of hide and seek played over the internet. As Ryoko searches desperately for her missing friend, she discovers that the game has some unsettling connection to the world of the occult, and attempts to conquer her fear of the unknown in order to solve the puzzle and save Ritsuko.

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