brad mchargue (fangoria/bloody-disgusting/horrorsquad contributor, former ilovehorror blogger and long-time friend of eo2l) is involved in a really interesting film project that is currently seeking funding. HAUNTED is a found footage horror film, with an intriguing twist. according to the film’s funding page:

HAUNTED tells the story of what happens when a group of paranormal investigators finally find what they’ve been searching for. Andrew, a film student at the University of Michigan, is tagging along with a team of paranormal investigators to document their process for a school project. At first things go according to plan, but as the night progresses, it’s clear something in the house doesn’t want them there. Taking a unique approach to the concept of “found footage” HAUNTED is presented in a quad-screen/real-time format, showing the audience everything that is occurring inside the house all at once. This bold premise will give the audience, for the first time, the complete experience of what goes on during a paranormal investigation while encouraging repeat viewings, as viewers will be excited to fully see everything they only glimpsed the first time!

the four camera split-screen idea is a great hook, and i’d love to see this film idea become a reality. brad and his co-writer are currently looking for backers through their kickstarter page, where you can read more about the film and pledge contributions to assist in getting it produced.

in the past, if i loved a certain film, it was pretty much a certainty that brad would hate it (e.g., JENNIFER’S BODY). the opposite was also true most of the time (e.g., PONTYPOOL). so what happens if HAUNTED gets made, and i really dig it? does that mean brad has to hate his own movie? well, i’m interested to find out, so let’s hope HAUNTED can find the backing it needs.

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