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Jon’s Top Ten Halloween Album Countdown

Everyone knows that Halloween is the holiday for fans of horror films. Aside from that unluckiest of days, Friday the 13th, no other time of the year inspires so much cinematic blood and gore. However, Halloween has a rich musical … Continue reading

Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving

i was watching planet terror the other night, which reminded me of how much i loved eli roth’s faux slasher trailer thanksgiving. if you were hoping to see it again on either the planet terror or death proof dvds… i’m … Continue reading

Horror Podcasts

i’ve listened to dozens of horror related podcasts and it seems that there are very few worth listening to. luckily there are two out there that i simply can’t recommend highly enough. night of the living podcast is hosted by … Continue reading

A Secret History of American Cinema

“Draw to one point, and to onecentre bring Beast, man, or angel, servant, lord, or king.”–Alexander Pope, from “An Essay on Man” “It’s like death on a cracker!" –Choptop, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 “The death of a beautiful … Continue reading

Review – Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

2007 theatrical trailer ok, wrong turn 2: dead end. we’re going to look at this film in a bit of detail, but if you want to save some time — here’s the short review: wrong turn is a good movie … Continue reading

Corey on The Burning

1981 theatrical trailer i like the burning. hidden in the shadow of friday the 13th, it’s often overlooked and certainly underrated. this is partly because it’s always been a difficult film to find, something that still holds true to this … Continue reading

Review of The Burning (1981)

While I’ll grant that Tony Maylam’s The Burning doesn’t deserve the same iconic status as Friday the 13th, it certainly warrants the attention of slasher fans who have never seen the film, or perhaps reconsideration by fans who have forgotten … Continue reading

Savini on Jason

while working on a piece about the burning, i came across this interview clip from tom savini. it seems i’m not the only one a bit confused by how jason came to be walking around killing people in part 2… … Continue reading