Time for a little vote casting

i have a large collection of horror films on dvd, some good… most not-so-good. i even have an entire shelf set aside for “horror-films-i-bought-but-which-look-so-bad-they-just-sit-on-this-shelf-unwatched-until-i-can-muster-the-proper -amount-of-self-hatred-required-to-force-myself-to-sit-through-them.” well, no more. jon and i are going to get through the films on this shelf, but we need your help. below i’ve listed five of these films. all you need to do is vote for the one you’d most liked to read about and jon and i will watch and review it. i’m sure there’s a few diamonds in the rough here… a spattering of quality films hidden on this shelf amongst the garbage. maybe we’ll hit one of those, maybe we won’t. but it should be interesting either way.

Blood Ranch
Four college students and an Iraq War vet, lost on a desert highway, encounter a terrified young woman with a black van on her trail. They survive the ensuing chase but their car doesn’t, forcing them to seek help at a nearby ranch. Only when it’s too late does the group learn that it’s crossed the threshold into Hell! Welcome to the Web, home to a bizarre cult of murderers, perverts and mental defectives, whose sacraments include mutilation, dismemberment, unspeakable sex acts, and slow, agonizing death for all who enter. None of their “guests” have ever made it out alive. Tonight may be different…but don’t count on it.

It’s been fifteen years since the director of the ill-fated horror flick HOT BLOODED was mysteriously and brutally murdered. Since then, the film has remained unfinished and sealed away. However, a young group of aspiring filmmakers and horror enthusiasts have seized the opportunity to complete the legendary film, and begin to film once again on location. But there was a reason the movie was never finished, and as students begin to disappear, the filmmakers begin to discover why.

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Tomb
A being known as “The Puppetmaster” holds victims captive in a tomb and tortures them.

The Last Horror Movie
A serial killer uses a horror video rental to lure his next victim. What begins as a teen slasher transforms into a disturbing journey through the mind of Max Parry, a mild mannered wedding photographer with a taste for human flesh.

At an exclusive, secluded North American ski resort up on Mount Rocky Summit, brutal slashing, severing and beheading on a group of teenagers are taking place and are believed to be the work of a mysterious skier dressed in black.

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