Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th

when you mix fandom and the interwebs, the results are unpredictable. you may end up with a beautiful work of fiction or visual art which transcends the very piece of shared pop culture that inspired it. of course, you could also end up with a crudely drawn depiction of r2-d2 having sex with chewbacca. you take your chances when you delve into the world of fan art, and this is true even with the slasher film genre. i recently took a safari through, using the search term “jason voorhees” as my guide. it turns out our favorite machete-wielding, hockey-obsessed psychopath has served as the muse for hundreds of visual art compositions. below you will find a few examples i found particularly awe-inspiring.

Wolvering vs. Jason
by ~ BurnZig

putting characters from vastly different universes together seems to be a common practice in the fan art sections of deviantart. apparently, so are weird pelvic positions and the misspelling of your favorite characters’ names.

by ~ ShinJason

another marvel character vs. jason, but executed a bit better. my money would be on jason… hey, are those jason’s intestines?

by * faillace

wtf? if you had a nightmare the first night you ate peyote and injected lsd into your eyeballs, it wouldn’t be this weird or disturbing.

Fridays Child CAMP
by ~ sicklilmonky

this reminds me of dave mckean’s work, but it’s weird and cool and i kinda like it.

Jason Love
by ~ Tyrine666

it’s almost valentine’s day, and jason needs love too. in the comments section, the artist ponders the question we’ve all asked ourselves… ” Why are sexy/sweet scenes so much easier to do with Jason than with Freddy?!”

3 Kisses for the Horror Kings
by ~ Tyrine666

another valentine’s day image from the same artist, this time with michael and freddy too. i like that jason’s mask can blush.

Jason Voorhees
by ~ data-7-panther-dude

my little jason voorhees pony? well, i think we can safely say no one ever thought of that before.

Jason Voorhees
by ~ customlpvalley

i stand corrected.

is it weird that i find it disconcerting that the the face appears to be jason from part 7 but the outfit looks like part 6?

by * BloodThirstyZompire

yes, that’s michael myers snuggling up to jason in bed.

that is wrong on so many levels.

Contest Entry: Jason Tomato
by ~ CheungKinMen

jason as a tomato. absolute genius.

Head ON a SticK
by ~ SDX-800


why didn’t i think of this when i was a kid and my sister had all those barbies?

I love you this much
by * Genjibunbun

this is what you’d dream if you did that lsd/peyote thing from earlier.

Voorhees, a Jolly Good Fellow
by * BryanBaugh

i really like this one. i particularly like that jason looks more surprised than anyone else in the picture.

Jason Voorhees
by * Unknown-person

this is my favorite of the fan art i’ve seen so far. this sooooo makes me want to see friday the 13th: the animated series.

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