Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th

when you mix fandom and the interwebs, the results are unpredictable. you may end up with a beautiful work of fiction or visual art which transcends the very piece of shared pop culture that inspired it. of course, you could also end up with a crudely drawn depiction of r2-d2 having sex with chewbacca. you take your chances when you delve into the world of fan art, and this is true even with the slasher film genre. i recently took a safari through, using the search term “jason voorhees” as my guide. it turns out our favorite machete-wielding, hockey-obsessed psychopath has served as the muse for hundreds of visual art compositions. below you will find a few examples i found particularly awe-inspiring.

Wolvering vs. Jason
by ~ BurnZig

putting characters from vastly different universes together seems to be a common practice in the fan art sections of deviantart. apparently, so are weird pelvic positions and the misspelling of your favorite characters’ names.

by ~ ShinJason

another marvel character vs. jason, but executed a bit better. my money would be on jason… hey, are those jason’s intestines?

by * faillace

wtf? if you had a nightmare the first night you ate peyote and injected lsd into your eyeballs, it wouldn’t be this weird or disturbing.

Fridays Child CAMP
by ~ sicklilmonky

this reminds me of dave mckean’s work, but it’s weird and cool and i kinda like it.

Jason Love
by ~ Tyrine666

it’s almost valentine’s day, and jason needs love too. in the comments section, the artist ponders the question we’ve all asked ourselves… ” Why are sexy/sweet scenes so much easier to do with Jason than with Freddy?!”

3 Kisses for the Horror Kings
by ~ Tyrine666

another valentine’s day image from the same artist, this time with michael and freddy too. i like that jason’s mask can blush.

Jason Voorhees
by ~ data-7-panther-dude

my little jason voorhees pony? well, i think we can safely say no one ever thought of that before.

Jason Voorhees
by ~ customlpvalley

i stand corrected.

is it weird that i find it disconcerting that the the face appears to be jason from part 7 but the outfit looks like part 6?

by * BloodThirstyZompire

yes, that’s michael myers snuggling up to jason in bed.

that is wrong on so many levels.

Contest Entry: Jason Tomato
by ~ CheungKinMen

jason as a tomato. absolute genius.

Head ON a SticK
by ~ SDX-800


why didn’t i think of this when i was a kid and my sister had all those barbies?

I love you this much
by * Genjibunbun

this is what you’d dream if you did that lsd/peyote thing from earlier.

Voorhees, a Jolly Good Fellow
by * BryanBaugh

i really like this one. i particularly like that jason looks more surprised than anyone else in the picture.

Jason Voorhees
by * Unknown-person

this is my favorite of the fan art i’ve seen so far. this sooooo makes me want to see friday the 13th: the animated series.

4 Responses to Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th

  1. Jon says:

    Re: “Jason Tomato.” That is absolutely a work of genius! Let’s hire that guy to design us an EO2L logo. I’m serious.

    Re: “Head ON a Stick.” As much as it pains me to disclose the fact that I know the following information, I feel honor bound to do so: The televison show Grace Under Fire featured Barbie’s head on a stick first. Grace’s kid wasn’t satisfied with the gore-factor of his show-and-tell toy monster, so his mom obliged him by sticking the head of his sister’s doll on the end of a pencil. Still, I gotta hand it to SDX-800 for at least trying to be funny and creative.

    Re: “SlashColored.” I feel so dirty now just having glimpsed at something like that.

    The internet is a strange, strange place indeed.

  2. my previous field trip through the mysterious world of friday the 13th fan art at was so much fun, i thought i’d share a few more examples i found. with no further ado, i present you with part 2 of our continuing coverage…

  3. previously i’ve shown you examples from the world of deviantart fan art related to jason voorhees (see here and here). in the near future we’ll be looking into similar artistic endeavors related to an american werewolf in london, re-animator and others

  4. jon’s recent snubbing of re-animator in his favorite h.p. lovecraft film adapations has inspired yet another trip into the sometimes beautiful but oft terrifying world of artistic fandom on while familiar to most hard-core horror fans,

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