Monthly Archives: July 2008

Google Search Terms

recently i got a little curious and started looking at the analytics for, which, in addition to stats on page hits and such, also includes a list of google search terms that have led people to the site. usually … Continue reading

New Logo and Super Fun Contest Time

hopefully you’ve noticed that eo2l has undergone a bit of a face-lift, with the most notable change being our spiffy new logo. the caricatures of michael myers and laurie strode were drawn by a promising new artist by the enigmatic … Continue reading

Pop Music and Horror Films – Part Two

It’s time to bring out your lighters for the encore to “Pop Music and Horror Films.” As with part one, I’m basing my selection on songs that had a long shelf life before being used in film, but were either … Continue reading

Pop Music and Horror Films – Part One

Soundtracks have always been an important part of film. Hitchock’s Psycho wouldn’t have the same eerie resonance without those frantic violins, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy wouldn’t have the same epic scope without Howard Shore’s soaring, but esoteric … Continue reading

The Fashion of Camp Crystal Lake Part 2

We continue our look into the fashion sense of the Friday the 13th series by focusing on the cast of characters presented in the aptly named Friday the 13th Part 2 (please see our first article for a look at … Continue reading

MST3k Does Horror

i’ve been a die-hard mystery science theater 3000 fan since the early 90s, and i was deeply saddened when the show ended in 1999. i always thought i’d be fantastic if there was some way for the mst3k crew to … Continue reading