Monthly Archives: February 2009

MBV Special edition and F13 Uncut

this month’s final girl film club is a 2-for-1 deal of slasher classics — friday the 13th: uncut and my bloody valentine: special edition. each includes never-before-seen footage and new special features. to participate in the film club, we’re only … Continue reading

Best of 2008 Update: Quarantine and Eden Lake

my best of 2008 list was, understandably, comprised of only films from 2008 that i’d actually seen. i see a lot of horror films, but currently my netflix queue has almost 450 films in it, so i don’t get to … Continue reading

Friday the 13th (2009)

jon and i wrote the following short opinions this past weekend after seeing friday the 13th (2009) without consulting each other. i’m glad to see that, at least when it comes to jason voorhees, we seem to be on exactly … Continue reading

F13 Megapost – Jason Contest – Crystal Lake Webcam – New Logo

his name was jason contest if you were unaware, a documentary is now out on dvd covering the entire friday the 13th series titled his name was jason. hosted by tom savini and covering all twelve films, this is the … Continue reading

Victims of Jason

if you’ve been to the theater lately, you may have noticed the cardboard stands of jason voorhees that you can stick your head through, so it appears that you are jason’s victim (this is subtly different than, as shown above, … Continue reading

Corey’s Worst of 2008

as i seem to recall from a class in fifth grade i wasn’t paying too close attention to, “for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.” applying that rule to my last post, i take that to mean … Continue reading