Left 4 Dead 3D

if you recently purchased my bloody valentine 3d, friday the 13th part 3d or anything else in 3d (if you own the adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl, i wouldn’t admit that publicly), i may have found another use for all those paper glasses you have laying around. if you game on a pc and have an nvidia 8xxx series or later video card, you may be able to play some of your favorite games (most notably left 4 dead) in another mind-altering dimension, for free!

just head over to the nvidia driver download page and get the 3d vision drivers (you can download the ‘full driver cd’ if you don’t have the latest normal nvidia drivers, or just get the ‘3d vision drivers only’ if you’re up to date). install those, telling the install you don’t have the infrared hardware and choose the color combination of your glasses, and head into your nvidia control panel and turn on the 3d settings. suddenly your favorite games are being gamed in the 3rd dimension. no fuss, no muss. easy, breezy, beautiful.

here’s a complete list of the games that support this technology. i plan to take a look at spore, painkiller, crysis and sacred 2: fallen angel in tri-dimensions, in addition to the valve games.

i originally heard about this in an article at gamerslastwill that lists requiring some registry hacks, but the drivers must have been updated since then as all i had to do was install and it worked like a dream. you may need to follow some of the instructions listed in that article if you’re having problems or are trying to get this to run in windows xp 32-bit.

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