Let’s Take a Virtual Terror Tour

google street view is both one of the coolest and one of the creepiest things ever invented. not only can you travel instantly around the globe, you can look into the windows of people living thousands of miles away, see drunk people passed out on street corners or dead animals hit by the google car. sticking with the ‘creepy’ angle, i’ve used google maps to travel to several horror movie related locales, most of which you’ll instantly recognize. from the now almost unrecognizable and physically relocated myers’ house from halloween to the deadly steps from the exorcist located just a few miles from where i live, i think i’ve hit several of the most iconic locations in horror history. for example, here’s what the nightmare on elm street house looked like in the film, and how it looks today via google street view.

just click the links below to cyber-travel to the listed film location and see what it looks like today. if you go on your own little horror safari and find any additional locations, please add them in the comments section.

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