2009 New York Weekend of Horrors in Pictures

oddly placed matrix-esque power outlets on the bus to new york.
teh big sign!

ghost girl
now hanging from my car’s rear view

me & tom savini, after signing my copies of the prowler and scream greats
me, my new blood mask, and kane hodder. kane has quite the grip, which is probably why i look like that.

various masks. why do the michael myers ones have such wacky hair? rob zombie really should have gone with this look. see more horrible michael myers masks in finalgirl’s recent post.
the weekend of horrors is a strange place.

gwar & toxie

it’s the squirrel that makes this costume.

this place had great selection of rare and foreign dvds.
‘twisted chris,’ who ran the booth, trying unsuccessfully to sell me on a copy of gutterballs

the majority of the dvds had hand-written descriptions

holy german cover art! in addition to the no-holds-barred image, i like the quote above the title; especially the fact that it’s attributed to no one.

james marsters was an incredibly dynamic and passionate speaker

tom savini brought the house down, literally, before the costume contest by tripping over the backdrop which proceeded to fall down piece-by-piece over the next two minutes.
costume contest participants

little leatherface seems rather interested in the slightly older demoness to his left.
costume finalists (spoiler: the zombie won)

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