Heading out to the Fango Convention

jon and i are heading to the big apple this weekend for fangoria’s weekend of horrors. i’ll be carrying my trusty iphone, so be sure to follow my twitter account for live tweets from the convention and grainy,out of focus pictures of horror celebrities walking to the restroom or sitting at their tables drinking soda. drop me an email or a dm on twitter if you’re going to be there and maybe i can get a grainy picture of you as well… and if you can’t be there, maybe my tweets will make you feel like you are. it’s looking to be an interesting convention with guests including guillermo del toro, tom savini, dario argento, james marsters, tobe hooper, doug bradley, gwar (!), betsy palmer, and kane hodder. personally, i’m most excited about getting the chance to have the best jason voorhees sign my new blood mask. i’d get the machete signed too, but i’m not really brave enough to be in the same room with kane hodder while he’s holding a rusty machete.

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