Horror Community Highlights – October 9, 2009

  • Trailer Tuesday: Hell Patrol
    The Zed Word
    In addition to checking out the trailer for a the new zombie film, you can also win a “Know Your Zombie” poster autographed by Rob Sacchetto, author of The Zombie Handbook.
  • Andrew Wodzianski
    Zombo’s Closet of Horror
    Zombo has provided information about the artist Andrew Wodzianski’s new gallery tribute to the classic House on Haunted Hill.
  • Hitch on the Hump: The Birds (1963)
    The Lightning Bug’s Lair
    I’ve seen this film 20 times, but now I want to make it 21.
  • Monster Parade No. 4
    A brief but cogent tribute to the short-lived horror magazine.
  • The Greatest Fright Fiction of All Time
    The Vault of Horror
    Even though it doesn’t contain quite enough poetry, this list should be part of the curriculum for every liberal arts college in America.
  • Poem – “Zombie Apocalypse”
    dbqp: visualizing poetics
    Even though this is not a horror website, the poet Geoff Huth has written a nifty poem about surviving the zombie apocalypse.

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