Horror Community Highlights – November 20, 2009

  • Eyes without a Face
    Uranium Cafe
    A smart and pithy review about the smart and pithy 1960 French film.
  • Horror Movies for Thanksgiving
    Halloween gets all the glory, but there’s plenty of Turkey-day gore in this terrific list.
  • Movie Poster Friday – The “Don’t” Edition
    Final Girl
    Don’t answer the phone, don’t go in the woods alone, don’t go in the park, don’t go in the house, and don’t look now. But do read this post.
  • What America Needs, Is More Zombies.
    Horror Society
    BJC of Day of the Woman offers this bit of advice about how to cope in a week that promises to be dominated by moody, effervescing teen-age vampires.
  • What About Near Dark?
    The Paradise of Horror
    “But if you want a good vampire story about teen love and violence then avoid Twilight and see Near Dark.” I’ll second that.

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