Horror Community Highlights – December 19, 2009

  • Ryohei Hase’s Fantasy Art
    The folks at Monster Crazy pointed me to Hase’s artwork. My favorite of his is called “Melancholy” and it’s just about the creepiest thing I’ve seen in months.
  • Four Songs to Pee Your Pants By
    In it for the Kills
    I am in complete agreement with this post. Poltergeist 2 has its problems, but if you don’t find Reverend Kane’s song scary, you need to have your ears checked.
  • BJ-C’s Worst of 2009
    Day of the Woman
    The only thing I like better than retrospective “Best Of” lists, are “Worst Of” lists, especially when they’re this well-written. However, I do beg to differ with My Bloody Valentine 3D!
  • Nasty Deaths in Non-Horror Films
    Fascination With Fear
    It’s true that Raiders of the Lost Ark is in no way a horror film, but that scene in which the Nazi’s face melts off scared the bejeesus out of me as a kid.
  • Book Review: Demon Days By Richard Finney And D.L. Snell
    Fatally Yours
    Demon Days is one “part church-conspiracy novel, one part assassin thriller, one part possession horror story and one part gum-shoe noir,” and so I think I’ll be reading this sometime in the near future.
  • Top 5 Films I’m Avoiding ON PURPOSE
    Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire
    I’m also endlessly fascinated by films that do seem truly disturbing and dangerous, films that really get under your skin and actually make you feel bad. And I agree that Cannibal Holocaust is one of those very rare films that should never be seen again.

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