Horror Community Highlights – June 4, 2010

  • The Human Centipede vs. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    The Vault of Horror
    If you’re looking for “a comparison of the year’s most controversial piece of scatological torture porn and one of the most cherished works of juvenile literature ever written, then step right up!”
  • A Nightmare on A-hole Street
    “So I just watched every NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film back to back and all I have to say (besides what happened to my life?) is…all the adult residents of Springwood, Ohio are A-holes!”
  • Taking the color out of horror
    Fascination with Fear
    A very interesting experiment as to what would happen aesthetically if modern horror films were re-imagined in black and white. The still for Pan’s Labyrinth is especially compelling.
  • The Eyes Have It
    Retro Slashers
    Luis Buñuel didn’t get any love for his infamous eyeball scene in Un Chien Andalou, but this is great list of the most memorable eye-popping, eye-slashing, and eye-puncturing scenes in horror.
  • Slow, Romero! Slow!
    The Zed Word
    “So, it seems like Romero certainly has a lot of projects on his plate. Is this a good thing?”
  • The Films I Couldn’t Finish
    Vegan Voorhees
    “Those who know me well will vouch for my high tolerance of crap. Crap music, crap TV and crap films. But every now and then there’s that straw that breaks the camel’s back.”
  • Happy Memorial Day from Lost Highway
    Lost Highway
    Memorial Day Weekend has already passed us by, but still read this list of safety tips that are good for any summer-time holiday, such as this one: “Never go sailing. Sharks are notoriously attracted to sailboats full of laughing teenagers.”

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