Naughty Bear Slasher Costumes

the idea of store-specific pre-order incentives for games usually annoys me and i don’t think i’ve ever been influenced to buy a game based on them — until now. i didn’t have an overwhelming interest in NAUGHTY BEAR (coming soon to ps3 and xbox360), although i have to admit the idea of being a homicidal teddy bear does sound rather intriguing. now that i think about it… it’s kinda like getting to be a serial killer that lives on sesame street. that’s about the most awesome premise i’ve ever heard — why wasn’t i more excited about this game before?

in any case, what interest i did have has been magnified x10 though by the announcement that amazon and gamestop will be offering exclusive freddy krueger (-esque) and jason voorhees (-esque) bear costumes, respectively, for use in-game on the game’s june 29th release. well played NAUGHTY BEAR… consider my pre-order through gamestop for the hockey mask slasher costume officially placed.

[link to gamestop preorder] [link to amazon pre-order]

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