Horror Community Highlights – August 6, 2010

  • Cracking the Shell of the World
    This is a detailed, scholarly article on the often strange marriage of poetry and horror film.
  • Top 10 Pre-CGI moments in Horror
    If you are like me and you get all nostalgic for the “days when effects where grafted with good old latex, sweat, fake blood and of course sticky tape,” then this post is for you.
  • Halloween In August
    Zombos’ Closet of Horror
    Check out Zombos’ Closet for lots of great posts celebrating Halloween in August, or keep your eyes glued to your favorite horror blogs, as there’s a good chance they might be participating in this.
  • Cemetery Man at the Museum of Arts and Design
    Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire
    It’s cool that Cemetary Man is getting some props from the art world. But what caught my eye was this sentence: “Much like the work of the Surrealists, this film forces one to experience the sexually appealing and the grotesque in one gulp.” And with that sentence, I STRONGLY sustpected I was going to love this post. And I was right.
  • Stock Background Characters 101: Macho Asshole
    Vegan Voorhees
    “No killer or final girl profiles here, this is a celebration of those underlings who made the most of their fleeting flirtation with stardom. And usually died.”
  • Review: “Limbo”
    Horror Squad
    This is a very good review of a very good game. In fact, Limbo may well be a perfect video game, especially of the platform and puzzle-solving variety. Horror fans will like its nightmarish minimalism and often creepy ambience.

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