Horror DVD Releases – Week of October 5th, 2010

the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake streets this week, so if you’d like the blu-ray/dvd combo pack — don’t forget to enter your name into our drawing for a free copy.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Platinum Dunes revives the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise with this reworking of slasher film legend Freddy Krueger, a deceased child killer who torments the dreams of the teenagers of Springwood, OH. Jackie Earle Haley picks up the killer’s mantle from series veteran Robert Englund with the reboot from music-video director Samuel Bayer.

Grindhouse (2007)
Together for the first time the Rodriguez/Tarantino Double Feature – GRINDHOUSE is back and better than ever! These rip-roaring and adrenaline-pumping films are now featured in the original theatrical exhibition format. Loaded with over 2 hours of bonus content, including the fan favorite “ Rodriguez’s10 Minute Cooking School,” this 2-disc Blu-Ray will deliver a new experience like never before!

The Human Centipede (2009)
Two American college girls become the subjects of a sadistic medical experiment while on a road trip across Europe. Invited to a party by a handsome waiter, Jenny and Lindsay are en route to the festivities when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Desperate, they decide to seek help on foot, eventually coming across the home of a retired surgeon named Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser). Dr. Heiter is internationally renowned for his work on separating conjoined twins, but these days he’s using his surgical skills for something entirely different. His goal is to create a human centipede by removing his patient’s kneecaps, and sewing them together, mouth-to-anus.

Splice (2010)
Celebrated genetic engineers Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) conduct a clandestine experiment to create an animal/human hybrid that could revolutionize modern medicine — if it doesn’t destroy humanity first. On the heels of engineering an entirely new species of animal, Clive and Elsa become the toast of the scientific community. Their experiment begins to spiral out of control, however, when the superstar scientists introduce human DNA into the equation. When Dren is born, Clive and Elsa welcome her into the world as the next leap in human evolution. Now, the faster Dren evolves, the more her creators start to realize they may have made a catastrophic mistake.

The Exorcist: Extended Director’s Cut (1973)
Novelist William Peter Blatty based his best-seller on the last known Catholic-sanctioned exorcism in the United States. Blatty transformed the little boy in the 1949 incident into a little girl named Regan, played by 14-year-old Linda Blair. Suddenly prone to fits and bizarre behavior, Regan proves quite a handful for her actress-mother, Chris MacNeil (played by Ellen Burstyn, although Blatty reportedly based the character on his next-door neighbor Shirley MacLaine). When Regan gets completely out of hand, Chris calls in young priest Father Karras (Jason Miller), who becomes convinced that the girl is possessed by the Devil and that they must call in an exorcist: namely, Father Merrin (Max von Sydow). His foe proves to be no run-of-the-mill demon, and both the priest and the girl suffer numerous horrors during their struggles.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010)
Nearly a year after the vampire siege of Barstow, Alaska, lone survivor Stella (Kiele Sanchez) discovers that she isn’t alone when she’s recruited to eradicate the vampire menace once and for all. Her waking hours filled mourning the death of her late husband and her dreams haunted by visions of the creatures that turned him into a monster, Stella becomes the subject of much ridicule when she makes it her mission to convince the public that vampires truly exist. But just as the embarrassment is becoming too much to handle, three strangers (Harold Perrineau, Diora Baird and Rhys Coiro) present Stella with an opportunity to seek revenge by killing Lilith (Mia Kirshner), the vampire queen behind the Barstow massacre.

The Slumber Party Massacre Collection
All three of the Slumber Party Massacre films in new, special editions.

Tomboys (2009)
A sexual assault victim and her friends exact vigilante justice on a serial rapist after realizing they’ve been failed by the justice system. Later, as the situation grows increasingly tense, some of the participants begin to wonder whether they’ve taken things too far.

The Rig (2010)
The roughneck skeleton crew of an off-shore oil rig battles a mysterious beast that’s killing them off one at a time as a massive tropical storm makes any hope for escape impossible. When the folks at headquarters notice a big storm blowing in, they evacuate the main crew of the “Charlie” rig, leaving only a few highly skilled workers behind to ensure that production continues uninterrupted. Later, as the storm rolls in, one of the crew members vanishes without a trace. And he’s just the first; over the next few hours, the remaining workers realize that something horrible is hunting them from the dark.

Troll 2 (1990)
In this ultra-cheapo Italian knock-off a little boy tries to warn his family and friends that the evil trolls his late grandfather used to tell him about are real. Unfortunately, no one believes him and he and his sister are sent to the enigmatic town of Nilbog where nightmarish things begin to happen.

Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic (2007)
Notorious Untold Story director Herman Yau returns to terrify viewers with this supernaturally-charged tale concerning a Hong Kong policeman whose extramarital affair literally comes back to haunt him.

Yoga (2009)
Six women seeking physical perfection join a mysterious yoga studio owned by a woman who claims to possess the secret to eternal beauty. When home shopping network personality Hyo-Jung begins to fear that she is about to get edged out by a younger, prettier host, she begins searching in desperation for a way to stay beautiful. As if by fate, Hyo-Jung soon has a chance run-in with her former classmate Sun-Hwa, who has miraculously transformed from a homely student into a beautiful woman. Sun-Hwa refers Hyo-Jung to Mihi Khan’s Yoga Academy, where she claims that any woman can achieve the same results under the tutelage of impossibly gorgeous yoga master Nani. But flawless beauty comes at a high price, and in order to get it, Hyo-Jung and her fellow students must follow a strict set of rules.

The Undertaker (1988)
Necrophiliac New Jersey mortician Uncle Roscoe (Joe Spinell in his final starring role) resorts to preemptive tactics to keep his business afloat while contending with his nagging wife Hazel in this release of the unfinished feature from 1988.

Freudian Eyebrow (2010)
A group of college students finds that keeping their sanity means more than making the grade after enrolling in an experimental study, and finding themselves at the mercy of a human monster whose perversity knows no bounds.

The Black Mountain Madman (2010)
A murderous local legend proves frighteningly real in this independent slasher flick detailing the bloody exploits of the killer known as The Black Mountain Madman, and his crazed sidekick Pillowcase.

Destined to be Ingested (2010)
Anna and Tom were a down and out couple— until one day, their fortunes changed. One lucky lottery ticket later they found themselves living the good life, cruising the South Pacific with their fancy new friends, enjoying the essential three C s of luxury living: Champagne, Caviar and Cocaine. But when the group of yuppies lose their way, and are marooned on a mysterious jungle island, their charmed lives suddenly become a string of gruesome deaths.

Don’t Look In The Cellar (2008)
There is an abandoned asylum in a small town that is said to be haunted. A group of college students decide to spend Halloween night there to party and also to research the history of the asylum for a class project. As the night moves on, secrets come to light that one of the students might be related to Smiley. It becomes a race to see if the students can find a way out and discover the truth behind the asylum’s secrets before they are all brutally murdered.

The Farm (2009)
Mickey and Juliet, a young couple on the run from a vicious gang of drug dealers arrive at a deserted farm in the Irish countryside near Cork, aiming to flee to France the following day. THE FARM is inhabited by only one man, a 20 year old named John. John is cripplingly shy, but seems to be fascinated by Juliet, who also seems quite taken by him. As Juliet and John forge more and more of a bond, Mickey, fearing that the criminal gang will pounce on him at any moment, and also that John will turn him over to the police, becomes more and more paranoid. As he and Juliet prepare to leave the farm the next morning, Mickey resolves to kill John spurring an abrupt turn, and a deadly love triangle- involving tears, poisoning, torture and skinned lambs. It is a triangle from which no one will escape alive!

The Legend of Sorrow Creek (2007)
Kayla and Jesse loved spending their childhood summers at their grandfather s secluded cottage in the pristine mountains of rural New England. Now, fifteen years since their last visit, the sisters return along with Kayla s boyfriend Dean and his best-friend Tobe for a much-needed break from their busy lives in New York. But when a simple fishing accident leads the foursome to follow an unexplored shortcut through the woods, the lives of this small group of friends are shattered forever as they suddenly find themselves facing the shocking and terrible curse of one of America s most haunted places.

Woke Up Dead (2009)
In this Shaun of the Dead style zombie comedy, Drex Greene (Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder), a confused zombie who can’t be any deader, tries to solve the case of the mystery pill that left him drowned in a bathtub. With the help of his wannabe filmmaker roommate Matt (The Daily Show’s Josh Gad) and the sexy med student Cassie (Breaking Bad’s Krysten Ritter), who first discovers Drex as he unzips himself from his own body bag, the three begin to uncover leads about why his death didn’t stick, why a mystery online chat buddy is after him and why he’s starting to show signs of superpowers. Will they figure out why Drex is only sort of dead? Will Cassie discover ancient Zombie secrets? Will Matt get a film career out of it? Or is falling in love actually what Drex needs to do to stay alive?

Room 33 (2009)

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