Horror Community Highlights – November 5, 2010

  • 10 Favorite Horrifying Movie Scenes for Halloween
    Lost Highway
    Halloween came and went in a flash. Sadly, I couldn’t watch all the horror that I wanted to, but at least I can recap some of horror’s better moments in this post.
  • The Ten Worst Horror Movies of the 00s
    In It For the Kills
    Most of these are movies I wish I could have avoided, with the exception of Jenifer. I don’t know why, and I’m afraid to really explore it, but that film both fascinated and disgusted me.
  • Camp Crystal Lake vs Camp Blackfoot
    The Paradise of Horror
    This is a fun retro-review of The Burning, and it reminds me of why I’ve always loved slasher films.
  • Fan Rant: Should We Retire the Phrase ‘Torture Porn’?
    This is a really pithy post about a question that isn’t likely to ever be answered: why do some people love movies that shock and exploit us, and why do some people feel the need to label those movies?
  • The Walking Dead
    Personally, based on the first episode, I think The Walking Dead is the best thing to happen to zombie movies since 28 Days Later. It’s a serious, meditative character study that promises to look at some of the darker aspects of the human condition. But judge for yourself — watch the show and read this balanced, objective review of it.
  • Where are they Now?: Child Stars of Horror Edition
    Day of the Woman
    I was surprised to learn that the kid from Kubrick’s The Shining is now a science professor. I was not all that surprised to learn that the child preacher from Children of the Corn still looks kinda creepy.
  • Tales From the Crypt: 1950-1955
    Golden Age of Comic Book Stories
    These are some fantastic covers from the comic book that helped put horror in the American home.

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