Horror Community Highlights – December 3, 2010

  • First Images for Civil War Zombie Film ‘Exit Humanity’
    Check out these impressive-looking stills from the upcoming film Exit Humanity, which will feature “civil war zombies and Bill Moseley doing what he does best, kicking ass as a southern character.”
  • Could Obamacare have prevented the Jigsaw killings?
    And Now the Screaming Starts
    “Would Obama style health care reform have prevented the creation of Jigsaw, the conceptual franchise-like serial-killer meme embraced by the various murderers of the film series?” I don’t know the answer to that, but I like the idea of Jigsaw entering our political dialogue.
  • Top Ten Films They Should Have Made
    In in for the Kills
    This is an awesome tribute to films that should have been cast differently. I love Roddy Piper in They Live, but I agree that Ric Flair would have been an interesting choice, as he would have undoubtedly run around “putting ‘Woo!’ signs in place of the ‘Obey’ signs.” And that’s a sublimal message we should all accept.
  • Who Needs Birth Control: Terrifying Births In Horror History
    The Horror Digest
    This post makes a strong case that horror films should be used in sex education classrooms during the unit on birth control.
  • The Skyliner: Cronenberg’s Society
    The Paradise of Horror
    A very short, but pithy look at Cronenberg’s dystopian vision of America in his classic film Shivers.
  • Two sentences and a verdict.
    Final Girl
    Lots of good reviews here. And When the writing is this freaking good, you only need two sentences.
  • Let The Right Remakes In
    Dinner With Max Jenke
    Ten remakes that might just be better than the original. And this post has the best title I’ve read in a very long time.
  • Life After Slashers
    Retro Slashers
    This post is sort of like “Behind the Music” for actresses who appeared in some classic slasher films. But far less sad.

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