almost seven years ago i wrote a post describing the Friday the 13th game I wish they’d make, where I described the multiplayer thusly:

In the multiplayer, one player would be Jason while the rest would be counselors. Counselors can score points not by fighting Jason, but by avoiding Jason and successfully completing tasks such as “have sex with another player without being stabbed,” “smoke marijuana without being stabbed,” “go skinny-dipping alone without being stabbed,” and “check out that strange noise in the basement without being stabbed.”

well, it took a few years, but turns out someone heard my wish because there’s a kickstarter going on right now to fund a new Friday the 13th game where one player is Jason and the rest are counselors. better yet, sean cunningham, tom savini, harry manfredini and kane hodder are all involved.

You can find out more and help fund the game at the project’s kickstarter page.

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