Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th (part 2)

my previous field trip through the mysterious world of friday the 13th fan art at was so much fun, i thought i’d share a few more examples i found. with no further ado, i present you with part 2 of our continuing coverage…

Jason Kitty
by ~ LadyManka

the artist states that this is jason as a “maine coon cat.” having never seen one, i can’t say for sure… but i somehow doubt a maine coon cat is blue. also, my friend cara asks… is that the blood of a victim or is jason having some sort of sanitary problem?

Jason’s New Look
by ~ FreddyJasonV

given the direction the series is headed in (i.e., uber-jason from jason x and black slug jason from jason goes to hell), this may not be such a far-fetched idea for how jason will look in the next movie.

Pretty In Pink
by ~ Cheetana

jason wouldn’t be a blonde.

Miss Jason Voorhees
by ~ pinkz5

ah, that’s better. well, actually this isn’t supposed to be jason… according to the artist’s comments, this is “jason’s hott wife.”

Darth Voorhees

this is still a better idea than casting hayden christensen.

The Masks We Wear
by ~ agonistes666

i kinda like this — particularly the eye. it seems to be saying “hey! what are you doing looking at me! there’s some really amazing crap over to your left!”

Jason Voorhees
by * lerms

this was created for the baja international film festival. in addition, it kinda kicks ass.

by ~ THEvoorhees

note the mustache. and i’m really enamored by the fact that ‘grunt’ needed its own word bubble.

Stripper Jason
by ~ JesseSchwarzenfornia

i think the fact that this didn’t phase me a bit means i’ve been looking at this stuff far too long.

Jason Love
by ~ Jason-Voorhees-Fans

check the artist’s self-critique in the bottom left corner.

Jason’s little treasure
by * Genjibunbun

from the author’s comments… “before you get all weirded out, it’s not a sexual relationship (for obvious reasons). ”

before i get weirded out? that train has already left the station, my friend.

Dance of DEATH
by ~ zarla

i really like this piece. in addition to a certain undefinable adorable-ness, it made me lol.

Down Time – Ynnep
by ~ Hack-N-Slash-Club

if you imagined freddy impregnating jason, you’d probably think that this a completely original, albeit bizarre, idea. sadly, you’d be wrong.

Jason Krueger 2.0
by ~shadow-rider2

this is what i imagine when someone says “freddy and jason together.” not the situations depicted in the previous few images.

9 Responses to Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th (part 2)

  1. Jon says:

    I really like “Jason Voorhees” by Lems as well. It reminds me of what could have happened if Juan Gris or another of the cubist painters would have seen Friday the 13th.

    Also, yeah, I think I’m getting desensitized to this stuff too, which scares the bleep out of me, because I actually think that the stick-figure Mexican Jason by “The Vorhees” is kinda cute.

    “i also like that jason’s not a woman, dragon, cow or feline-rape-victim in it.” I ditto that. Isn’t it weird that it’s possible to become nostalgic for an old-fashioned, and more wholesome version of Jason in which he’s simply a deformed and demonic knife-wielding murderer?

  2. previously i’ve shown you examples from the world of deviantart fan art related to jason voorhees (see here and here). in the near future we’ll be looking into similar artistic endeavors related to an american werewolf in london, re-animator and others

  3. jon’s recent snubbing of re-animator in his favorite h.p. lovecraft film adapations has inspired yet another trip into the sometimes beautiful but oft terrifying world of artistic fandom on while familiar to most hard-core horror fans,

  4. Ynnep says:

    Uh hi. Ynnep here. Just pointing out something. ^__^ 1. Jason was a blond.

    2. In my picture, Jason wasn’t actually pregnant…he was just fat. XD No joke, I usually make Freddy the man-mama.

  5. Cheetana says:

    XD Loved the comments. Very er… ‘enlightening’.

    1. Jason was a blonde, though of course, not female.

    2. The whole female Jason thing is a joke. If I was being serious, she/he wouldn’t be particularily attractive.

    But thanks for featuring my art, even if you didn’t like it! I hope it did amuse you, not offend, it was a joke. =)

  6. Corey says:

    Actually, Cheetana… I rather liked your piece. Thanks for being cool about us featuring it.

    However, I think I have to disagree with you and Ynnep on the hair color of our favorite hockey-obsessed maniac. In most instances, Jason is portrayed as bald (or, mostly bald with small patches of black hair). However, in part 2, he’s apparently discovered Rogaine as he’s sporting a large, flowing mane of reddish/brown curls.

    I can’t think of another instance where his hair color can clearly be seen, but if you have evidence of his alleged blondness — I’m eager to hear it. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Cheetana says:

    Thank you for clearing that up. It was interesting to hear your critique as the only comment I recieved on that was not along the lines of ‘cute!’ and ‘sweet’ was ‘this is lame’ which did not seem to address any kind of intelligent crtique.

    I had forgotten Friday the 13th part 2, I was thinking of Freddy vs. Jason because the wisps of hair Jason possesses in the film are blonde, though of course, beinga later film, it is unlikely to be a very accurate representation of Jason.

  8. LadyManka says:

    He just has a serious illness that causes the blue colour and very bloody diarrhea.

    Maine Coon because of the fur. Esp. the tail. Because they are longhair cats.
    The blue is based on the greyblue skintone he has in Freddy vs Jason.
    Also, yes. Victim’s blood. Blood is less disturbing… You make me get wrong ideas.
    Maybe I go with the more disturbing.

    Maybe he dyyyyyes his hair?
    These horror icons, always changing a bit from movie to movie.

  9. Wings says:

    Holy buckets some of those are weird.

    “The Masks We Wear” is pretty sweet, though, as is the “Jason Voorhees” one following it. Nice poster type prints. Or shirts. Or something.

    And hey, I have no problemo with Jason as a coon cat or a dragonthing or a bitch to Freddy – whatever floats your boat.

    But I thinks me gots to draw the line on Jason as a blonde, simply for the fact that he freaking hates em and wants em dead!

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