Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th (part 2)

my previous field trip through the mysterious world of friday the 13th fan art at was so much fun, i thought i’d share a few more examples i found. with no further ado, i present you with part 2 of our continuing coverage…

Jason Kitty
by ~ LadyManka

the artist states that this is jason as a “maine coon cat.” having never seen one, i can’t say for sure… but i somehow doubt a maine coon cat is blue. also, my friend cara asks… is that the blood of a victim or is jason having some sort of sanitary problem?

Jason’s New Look
by ~ FreddyJasonV

given the direction the series is headed in (i.e., uber-jason from jason x and black slug jason from jason goes to hell), this may not be such a far-fetched idea for how jason will look in the next movie.

Pretty In Pink
by ~ Cheetana

jason wouldn’t be a blonde.

Miss Jason Voorhees
by ~ pinkz5

ah, that’s better. well, actually this isn’t supposed to be jason… according to the artist’s comments, this is “jason’s hott wife.”

Darth Voorhees

this is still a better idea than casting hayden christensen.

The Masks We Wear
by ~ agonistes666

i kinda like this — particularly the eye. it seems to be saying “hey! what are you doing looking at me! there’s some really amazing crap over to your left!”

Jason Voorhees
by * lerms

this was created for the baja international film festival. in addition, it kinda kicks ass.

by ~ THEvoorhees

note the mustache. and i’m really enamored by the fact that ‘grunt’ needed its own word bubble.

Stripper Jason
by ~ JesseSchwarzenfornia

i think the fact that this didn’t phase me a bit means i’ve been looking at this stuff far too long.

Jason Love
by ~ Jason-Voorhees-Fans

check the artist’s self-critique in the bottom left corner.

Jason’s little treasure
by * Genjibunbun

from the author’s comments… “before you get all weirded out, it’s not a sexual relationship (for obvious reasons). ”

before i get weirded out? that train has already left the station, my friend.

Dance of DEATH
by ~ zarla

i really like this piece. in addition to a certain undefinable adorable-ness, it made me lol.

Down Time – Ynnep
by ~ Hack-N-Slash-Club

if you imagined freddy impregnating jason, you’d probably think that this a completely original, albeit bizarre, idea. sadly, you’d be wrong.

Jason Krueger 2.0
by ~shadow-rider2

this is what i imagine when someone says “freddy and jason together.” not the situations depicted in the previous few images.

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