Fan Art Field Trip: Re-Animator

jon’s recent snubbing of re-animator in his favorite h.p. lovecraft film adapations has inspired yet another trip into the sometimes beautiful but oft terrifying world of artistic fandom on while familiar to most hard-core horror fans, i was concerned that re-animator would not have inspired as much fanart as the horror superstars we’ve looked at before (michael myers and jason voorhees, twice). i need not have worried, as herbert west has inspired hundreds of pieces of artwork in the world of fandom… some of which aren’t even super-creepy furry sex drawings.

Chibi Herbert West
by ~ gen98

‘chibi’ apparently means a small, child version of a character. i’m not sure what’s going on with the cheeks, but this is undoubtedly pretty cute… and makes me wish for a re-animator saturday morning cartoon show. maybe something in the vein of muppet babies. but with more enraged zombies.

Herbert West with Guns
by ~ Brwnelovchoclate

while herbert did go all clint eastwood at the beginning of the first sequel, i question the utility of (while, at the same time, praising the incredible efficiency of) having the gun shoot both bullets and re-animating fluid.

The Re-Animator cute’n’puffy
by = ailime

this is a rather endearing interpretation of our favorite brilliant, but misguided, medical student. i get why this is described as ‘cute’ and ‘puffy’… but ‘crispy’ seems a bit out of place. and those wee, stunted arms make me kinda sad. the same artist has done an interpretation of cthulhu as well.

hello reanimator
by ~ brigzy

that’s about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. now if we can only get a version of dan as keroppi, we’ll be set.

Herbert West – Reanimator
by ~ benhaith

i really like this cartoon version of west. the devious, maniacal look in the eyes is fantastic and the resemblance to jeffery combs is uncanny. every medical student in the country should have this image hanging on their dorm room door.

Dr. Herbert West
by ~ lady-armstrong

this appears to be a rather simple photo manipulation, but i’m quite fond of the shadows and coloring. while most of the art here plays up the darkly humorous side of herbert, this one shows him as a far more tragic, and possibly evil, character.

Come a little closer…
by * KITTY-Z

not even the great h.p. lovecraft is immune from furrydom. one would think that an anorexic, female furry version of dr. herbert west sort of demands an explanation, but the artist’s only comment is:

“….Meh. I’ll write the description later.”

Come A Little Closer
by ~ RyuBunny

on the other hand, there is such a thing as too much explanation. this similarly themed (and, oddly, identically named) furry piece has a far too elaborate back-story for my tastes. the below is taken verbatim from the artist’s description…

“part bunny and part collie. but he looks more like his father/uncle. see his parents are both female and they wanted kids, so the mom (collie) got artfically inseminated. she ended up having twins and the one who donated came to vist. it ended up being the other feamle’s brother.”

Herbert and Dan’s Night
by ~ LieutenantSparkles

lieutenant sparkles brings us this respectful depiction of the complicated relationship between dr. herbert west and his reluctant accomplice, dan.

by ~ ColtNoble

one of my favorite comics is the slasher film themed hack/slash. here’s the cover for a hack/slash and re-animator cross-over, an example of a professional comic artist showing off their work on deviantart.

Valentine’s Waltz
by ~ dr-worm

well, you knew it was only a matter of time before images of herbert and dan getting it on showed up. the artist, dr. worm, asks for our forgiveness in this piece’s description… and i can almost grant his request given a) the relative tameness of this drawing compared to much of what i run across on deviantart and b) the quirky inclusion of dr. hill’s flying head. dr. hill’s expression seems to say, “hey, don’t blame me… i’m just gonna fly over here to the right for a bit and get the hell out of frame, if it’s all the same to you.”

by ~ Boos-girl666

the description on this one does a great job explaining the impetus for this drawing and, like the description of the former image, asks for our forgiveness. i’m less inclined towards forgiveness here, but i do like the “wee!” at the end….

“May H.P Lovecraft, Jeffrey Combs, and Bruce Abbott come to forgive me. And every other Re-Animator fan out there. If you don’t particularly like this idea, don’t start flaming me for it, no one forced you to look at it mm-k? Anyway… on to an actual description. I dunno’ I see Herbert West, that once he gets going on describing a new theory of his, he would talk, and talk and talk. Dan, I imagine would get sick of hearing all the little rants and no matter what he did Herbert just would not stop, so what better way to get a person to shutup? So this doesn’t point to being an all out slashy homosexual thing, maybe Dan just wanted some piece and quiet, or he really had been wanting to do that for a long time and just needed an excuse…However you want to see it :D This was a pretty easy piece, the hardest thing was getting it to look like West was blushing!!! who would have thought that would be so difficult. Even now it’s not great, but the best I could do. wee!”

West… Herbert West…
by ~ MooreSpino

apparently i’m not the only person to think that the sims would be a hell of a lot more interesting with dr. herbert west. although, given his interest in doodling with body parts (remember that finger/eye thing he made?), herbert himself would probably be a spore man.

Jason vs Herbert West
by * Jazon19

in a scrap between jason and herbert, i’m pretty sure jason would come out on top… after all, herbert could barely handle a re-animated cat! here, however, herbert seems to have recruited some help from his experiments… i’m not entirely sure what’s up with the little green vials on their backs (maybe a constant sorce of re-animation serum to keep them going and under his control?) anyway, this isn’t a bad drawing by any means… i kinda like the spider-legged eyeball thing leering menacingly at jason from the upper right and the moxy of the guy with no legs.

Herbert East: Remanimator 3
by * Frohickey

is this just an exercise in absurdism (e.g., waiting for godot),or is there a joke in here? it’s like a möbius strip of unfunniness. i’ve read it about 30 times and i still can’t figure out where the alleged joke begins, ends or is.

Re-Animator: Reasons Why Not
by ~ ZevofB3K

the best part of this comic is that cthulhu feels the need to state his own name calmly and matter-of-factly in the last panel, as though he were some sort of depressed pokemon.

Dan and West
by ~ LadyKirk

of the images i found, this is one of my favorites. it rather perfectly captures the relationship between dan and herbert and i love the fact that, while pissed about it, herbert seems to know that dan’s statement is rather hard to dispute.

reanimator: SCIENCE, BITCHES
by * tentaclees

while not the most elegant or intellectual way of stating it, this does get across herbert’s philosophical pont-of-view rather clearly and plainly.

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