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The Bloody-Disgusting Horror Blogger Awards

in response to total film’s rather bizarre horror blog awards nominee list (four out of five of which are not blogs at all), one of the nominees (bloody-disgusting) is running their own horror blogger awards. the nominee list is comprised … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of January 26th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix and BestBuy) Pontypool (2008) Bruce McDonald, critically acclaimed director of The Tracey Fragments, teams with author Tony Burgess to adapt Burgess’ own novel about a small town in the grip of a mysterious frenzy. It may be … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – January 22, 2010

Skeletons in the Closet : Actors with roots in horror… Fascination with Fear I had completely forgotten that before he was Aragorn, Viggo Mortensen was “Tex” in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Pizza, Pipes, and Pandorum Final Girl “Some … Continue reading

Blog Awards!

Jon January is not only the time for great retrospectives and “best of lists” from the online horror community, but also awards. Eo2L would like to thank Maryanne from The Spooky Brew for nominating us for a Kreativ Blogger … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of January 19th, 2010

netflix’s annoying deal to implement a 28-day waiting window for warner brothers new releases is now in full effect, so that means you’ll need to wait a month to see WHITEOUT (if you were so inclined) unless you want to … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – January 16, 2010

Jerry’s Lament: Romanticism in Fright Night The Paradise of Horror I instantly and unconditionally love any post that makes references–in the same paragraph–to Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Jerry from Fright Night. Gruesome New Photos From Piranha 3D Horror-Movies.Ca Ok. I’m hooked. … Continue reading

Evilontwolegs 2009 Movie Awards

as i sat down to start writing my best/worst lists for 2009, it quickly became apparent that this was a more complicated task than i first imagined. many of the noteworthy horror films of 2009 were interesting for reasons beyond … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of January 12th, 2010

only one real notable release this week, rob zombie’s must-be-seen-to-be-believed sequel, halloween 2. reviews have been mixed, but h2 is undeniably a unique and entertaining slasher. rent or buy the new director’s cut or get a free copy of the … Continue reading

Halloween 2 Blu-Ray Giveaway

Update 1/12/10: Melissa of Bloody Mary’s Movie Review was randomly chosen as our giveaway winner! Congratulations to her, and thanks to all that entered! In anticipation of its January 12th release, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has been kind enough to … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – January 8, 2010

5 Brutal Horror Movie Scenes from 2009! This could also pass as a respectable list of 5 of the best horror films of 2009. The Vault’s 2010 Horror Preview The Vault of Horror I like the mix of film, … Continue reading