The Bloody-Disgusting Horror Blogger Awards

in response to total film’s rather bizarre horror blog awards nominee list (four out of five of which are not blogs at all), one of the nominees (bloody-disgusting) is running their own horror blogger awards.

the nominee list is comprised of 63 personal horror blogs, many of which you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with (including eo2l). however, there are a lot on the list that i haven’t seen before and, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to going through the list thoroughly, familiarizing yourself with those sites that you haven’t run across before.

so stop lolly-gagging here and head over to the bloody-disgusting blog awards page and start going through that list. and be sure to cast a vote for your favorite of the blogs before the deadline of february 12th! no pressure to make your vote for this site… we’re just happy to have our name on a nominee list that includes so many of the blogs we visit and read daily.

if this is your first visit to because you found us on the list of nominees, here are a few of our more popular past posts for you take a gander at.

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