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Horror Community Highlights – January 28, 2011

The Best Eye Trauma Moments in Horror Day of the Woman I hope BJ-C keeps these collaborations with The Horror Digest going. I’d love to see them tackle the best traumatic moments of all the major bodily organs. Trade-a-Life Vegan … Continue reading

Horror Film Quotes With The Word “Pants” Inserted: The Exorcist Edition

“Some of their problems come down to faith, their vocation and meaning of their lives, and I can’t cut it anymore. I need out. I’m unfit. I think I’ve lost my pants, Tom.” ~ Father Damien Karras “My pants was … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – January 17, 2011

Mad science: Are we inherently tasty? And Now the Screaming Starts I love the morbid but utterly fascinating premise of this post. Horror Blogger Cuisine: Food & Horror Movies The Paradise of Horror And just in case the previous entry … Continue reading

Horror Movie Plots That Could Have Been Defused By Someone Not Being a Douchbebag

I’ve pretty much given up on television because I can’t watch it without seeing a commercial for The Jersey Shore or some like-minded show featuring the escapades of douchebags. And knowing that “The Situation” has published a BOOK makes me … Continue reading

2010 Evilontwolegs Movie Awards

2010 was not the greatest year for horror. that said, as i started to compile this list i realized that there were some noteworthy stand-outs that i’d forgotten about, and quite a few that i realized were actually more fun … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – January 1, 2011

[thumb][/thumb] The Passing of the Year Dinner with Max Jenke I’ve not read Robert Service in years, but his poem “Passing of the Year” sets a spooky tone for the New Year that horror fans should appreciate. [thumb][/thumb] My Top … Continue reading