Horror Community Highlights – February 11, 2011

  • Tura Satana: 1938 – 2011
    Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire
    A great tribute to an exploitation icon, and one of the inspirations for Tarantino’s Death Proof.
  • My Bloody Valentines: A Comparison
    Retro Slashers
    Can’t decide whether you’d rather watch the remake or classic version of My Bloody Valentine with your sweetie this weekend? Then check out this post that covers some of the more salient differences.
  • Shelley’s Ghost
    The folks at the inimitable Frankensteina discuss a new exhibit of artificts pertaining to the one-and-only Mary Shelley.
  • Is there something you’re trying to tell us?
    Vegan Voorhees
    The homoeroticism in Hitchcock’s rope is arguably more pronounced than a subtext, and probably intentional, but this is a lighthearted look at films with undertones that would make Dr. Frankenfurter want to sing a showtune.
  • The Ultimate Female Horror Movie Extravaganza
    Day of the Woman
    With categories like “Badass Women with Killer Legs,” this awesome post puts the femme in femme fatal.
  • The Town That Dreaded Sundown
    One of the reasons I first started reading horror blogs was to find posts like this. It’s a well-written review of an obscure film that I now have to see.
  • Mind Over Matter: Tina in Friday the 13th VII
    The Lightning Bug’s Lair
    This post is an example of another reason I read horror blogs. It’s a well-written tribute that offers fresh and unique insights to a character I know and love.

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