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Horror Film Quotes With The Word “Pants” Inserted: The Thing Edition

“Jesus, how long do you figure this has been in the pants?” ~ MacReady “Are you saying to me the dog wasn’t put in the pants until last night?” ~ Blair “Anyone messes with me and the whole camp goes. … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – March 25, 2011

Please shut down your genre and reboot Vegan Voorhees This is a fresh and intelligent look at the film that rebooted the slasher genre. Joysticks (1983): Greydon Clark Gets Next The Lightning Bug’s Lair I grew up in the 80s. … Continue reading

When Food Bites Back

Snakes, tarantulas, and sharks are inherently dangerous and scary, so it’s not surprising that they’re routinely used in horror movies. It also makes perfect sense that less obviously menacing but potentially aggressive animals such as dogs and birds are often … Continue reading

The First Victims in Horror Cinema: A Tribute

Every horror fan knows the symbolic importance of the final girl. She’s a resilient, sympathetic counter-force to the film’s antagonist. But what about those unlucky few who die first? They may not always demand our attention or stick in our … Continue reading