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Jon’s Haiku Reviews (part 2)

Bob Denver, look out! Three-Finger and Saw-Tooth live in West Virginia. Wrong Turn (2003) In the first slasher, Leigh dies first. Bates is in drag. There’s no final girl. Psycho (1960) I prefer Jason’s knife and mask, but the raft … Continue reading

Jon’s Haiku Reviews

I admit that I’m really an old-fashioned kind of guy. I listen to the radio, I teach poetry using an old-fashioned chalkboard, and I even get most of my news from the newspaper. Some days, I feel like an analog … Continue reading

Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th (part 2)

my previous field trip through the mysterious world of friday the 13th fan art at was so much fun, i thought i’d share a few more examples i found. with no further ado, i present you with part 2 … Continue reading

Fan Art Field Trip: Friday the 13th

when you mix fandom and the interwebs, the results are unpredictable. you may end up with a beautiful work of fiction or visual art which transcends the very piece of shared pop culture that inspired it. of course, you could … Continue reading

Time for a little vote casting

i have a large collection of horror films on dvd, some good… most not-so-good. i even have an entire shelf set aside for “horror-films-i-bought-but-which-look-so-bad-they-just-sit-on-this-shelf-unwatched-until-i-can-muster-the-proper -amount-of-self-hatred-required-to-force-myself-to-sit-through-them.” well, no more. jon and i are going to get through the films on this … Continue reading