Monthly Archives: August 2008

Slumber Party Massacre: The Poem

My name is Russ Thorn. You probably know me as the driller killer from Slumber Party Massacre, but lesser known are my many, many works of poetic literature, including Taladro Bella, my collection of Petrarchan love sonnets. Petrarch liked to … Continue reading

Childhood Horrors

it’s said that sources of trauma and terror in childhood become sources of attraction later in life. if nothing else, this basic tenet of human psychology goes a long way to explaining my love of horror films and, i would … Continue reading

Contest Winners

Over at Eo2L headquarters, the answers have been tallied and the results analyzed, bringing the Name-That-Movie-Super-Amazing-Fun-Time Contest to a close. Just like in Beijing, we’re giving prizes to the first, second and third place winners. But before that, let’s take … Continue reading

Clues Your Movie Is From 1977

This month’s Final Girl Film Club pick is 1977’s The Car. Released just two years after Jaws, the film is essentially a retelling of Spielberg’s classic film, but with a desert setting as opposed to aquatic. The film’s working title … Continue reading

Friday the 13th Movie Site Goes Live behold the awesome power of advertising. this teaser poster for the friday the 13th re-imagining/re-envisioning/remake/whatever completely changed my attitude towards the film. i went from “meh” to “omg-i-wish-i-owned-a-time-machine-and-could-send-myself-to-next-february” in about 0.05 sec. simple, stylish and elegant, it communicates everything … Continue reading