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Eleven Horror Movie Plants With Whom You Should Not F

in horror films, as far as eukaryotes go — animals get most of the attention. we’re all familiar with various animal horrors that should be avoided. whether it be primate (e.g. KING KONG, MONKEY SHINES, and all human slashers like … Continue reading

Tentacle Crime Go! – Final Girl’s Bloggenaire Interview With Corey

stacie ponder over at final girl has been doing her own unique brand of interviews with various horror blog writers, referred to as the “bloggenaire interviews.” much to my giddy excitement, today my answers to her ‘oh-those-are-so-stacie-esque’ queries were posted … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of February 23rd, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) Dead Snow (2009) A group of Norwegian friends get the scariest history lesson of their lives during a weekend getaway to the snowy town of Øksfjord, where the party is interrupted by throngs of Nazi … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – February 19, 2010

The Wolfman Remake – Just Why? No Room in Hell The Wolfman Coughs up a Furball All Things Horror Dear, The Unborn: A Letter Final Girl Written as a break-up letter, this is hands-down the funniest review I’ve read all … Continue reading

Six Great Zombie Romances

One of the many reasons I love zombie movies is that they explore such a rich variety of topics, including racism, consumerism, the military industrial complex, linguistics, documentary making, and, of course, the apocalypse. But there’s a kinder, gentler side … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of February 16th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009) It’s back: The flesh-eating virus that decimated a cabin full of coeds is on the loose again. This time around, a high school prom is ground zero for the … Continue reading

Stuff I’ve Been Watching (Zombies and Demonic Real Estate Edition)

in my best horror films of 2009 post, i specifically mentioned three films that i had yet to see that might very well have made the list. well, this weekend i finally got to see all three of those films. … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of February 9th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) Dead Tone (2007) A seemingly innocuous pastime involving fun-loving collegians and prank phone calls turns into a lethal cat-and-mouse game in this blood-drenched fright fest starring Rutger Hauer and Brian Hooks. While vacationing at a … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – February 5, 2010

New Zombie Flick from 300 Producer: A.D. Teaser and Film Poster Zombie Info Hell, yeah! Female Villains in Horror: Annie Wilkes Fascination with Fear In honor of Women in Horror Month, this is a well-crafted tribute to the character that … Continue reading

Seven Horror Films That Need a Sequel or Reboot

Conventional wisdom dictates that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing twice. Applying this to movies, it’s true that many sequels are awesome (Aliens, Friday the 13th Part 2). But did we really need that last Final Destination? Did … Continue reading