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Horror DVD Releases – Week of December 29th, 2009

(descriptions from Netflix) Paranormal Activity (2007) When Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) fear their San Diego, Calif., home may be haunted by a demonic presence, Micah sets up a video camera to document all the jaw-dropping, hair-raising action … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – December 27, 2010

Never Kill Santa Claus / Trick or Treat The Horrors of it All “What would the horrordays be without a visit from jolly ‘ol St. Nick, eh? And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about jolly ‘ol Satanis either….” He Sees … Continue reading

Impressions of a Black Christmas Virgin

With the holiday season upon us, I decided to finally sit down and watch the 1974 classic Black Christmas. Not only did it put me in a Yuletide mood, but now I can cross it off my list of films … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of December 22nd, 2009

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) Shattered Lives (2006) Years after killing her mother when her two clown dolls advised it as a solution to her stress over keeping her mother’s (Lucia Sullivan) infidelity from her father (Jeff Zukowski), schizophrenic teen … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – December 19, 2009

Ryohei Hase’s Fantasy Art Paintalicious The folks at Monster Crazy pointed me to Hase’s artwork. My favorite of his is called “Melancholy” and it’s just about the creepiest thing I’ve seen in months. Four Songs to Pee Your Pants By … Continue reading

The Fashion & Aesthetics of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In earlier posts we’ve looked at the fashion and style of Haddonfield, horror villains in general and Camp Crystal Lake (twice). This week we’re headin’ to Texas, alleged home of the NASA Space Center, Cordell Walker (aka Walker, Texas Ranger), … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of December 15th, 2009

(descriptions from Netflix) Psycho Ward (2008) A group of urban researchers set about exploring an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a terrible history, but are they prepared for the horrifying, possibly supernatural secrets hidden within its crumbling walls? No sooner do … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – December 11, 2009

The Twelve Deaths of Black Christmas Monster Land “To ring in the holiday season, I’m bringing you 12 deaths of the Black Christmas remake.” Get Your Xmas Presents Here Hey! Look Behind You! “If you’re looking for something to get … Continue reading

Sparkly Dinosaurs

i recently found a year old forums thread on unambiguously titled “screenshots from twilight with raptors photoshopped in!” you need an archive forums account at the site to view that thread, but i’ve reproduced some of my favorites of … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of December 8th, 2009

(descriptions from Netflix and BestBuy) Carriers (2009) As a lethal virus spreads across the globe, brothers Brian (Chris Pine) and Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci), along with Bobby (Piper Perabo) and Kate (Emily VanCamp), seek a supposed plague-free haven. But while … Continue reading