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maybe it’s just because we all have a innate dislike for authority, but whatever the reason — whenever we’re told explicitly not to do something, there’s always a part of us that wants to do that very thing, just because … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 25th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) Babysitter Wanted (2008) When she takes a job babysitting a young boy (Kai Caster) for a night at his family’s remote farmhouse, sweet college co-ed Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) becomes the target of a scar-covered … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – May 21, 2010

[thumb] [/thumb] Candyman: The Last Temptation of Helen Lyle Kindertrauma This post on the classic film Candyman is one of the most intelligent and intriguing treatments of the film you’re likely to find online or off. [thumb] [/thumb] Psycho Semi-Centennial: … Continue reading

Horror Remakes By The Same Director

When we talk of horror remakes, the connotation is usually negative. What typically comes to mind are those examples where young, hip directors tackle a classic of the genre, trying to revamp a film we love for the modern era … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 18th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) The Disappeared (2008) When he begins having disturbing visions of his missing brother, Tom, teenager Matthew (Harry Treadaway) tries to understand what’s happening. By bravely reopening old wounds from the past, Matthew discovers frightening horrors … Continue reading

Horror Film Quotes With The Word “Pants” Inserted Part 2

“Darling. Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just gonna bash your pants in.” ~ Jack Torrence, THE SHINING “I have come here … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 11th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix) Daybreakers (2009) Earth’s population is up against a vicious plague that’s transforming everyone into vampires and draining the world of an increasingly precious resource: blood. Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) and “Elvis” Cormac (Willem Dafoe) must decide what … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – May 7, 2010

[thumb][/thumb] Scary vs. Horrifying The Groovy Age of Horror This is an intriguing post that suggests the term “scary movie” just doesn’t quite do the horror genre justice. [thumb] [/thumb] Scary Paintings The Vault of Horror This collection of artwork … Continue reading

Top Five Rock Star Cameos in Horror Films

1. The Misfits as The Misfits in Bruiser (2000) Bruiser is George Romero’s underrated gem of a movie that pays tribute to the stylized horror of such European masters as Dario Argento and Jess Franco. It also features a rowdy, … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 4th, 2010

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010) This week’s biggest release is the long anticipated Elm Street documentary, NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. Available directly from the Elm Street Legacy website, orders for the 2-disc DVD placed between now and June … Continue reading