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Free Xbox 360 “Slasher Bear” Naughty Bear Skin Code

previously i’d written about the freddy and jason-esque pre-order costumes for the new game NAUGHTY BEAR. the game released yesterday, and it is one of the most bizarre games i’ve ever played — sort of a surreal mix of GTA, … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of June 29th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) The Crazies (2009) When a plane crashes in a small town, a secret biological weapon is released. As the toxic substance infiltrates the local water system, some residents become gravely ill, while others descend into … Continue reading

Horror from the Mountain State

My home state of West Virginia has a violent history. It’s been witness to notorious feuds, such as the one between the Hatfields and the McCoys. It’s been the scene of some of the bloodiest labor uprisings in American history, … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of June 22th, 2010

i was hoping i could get some reader thoughts on the weekly dvd releases post. i started posting them because, for me, the most important info each week is what movies are coming out for purchase and rental. do you … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – June 18, 2010

[thumb][/thumb] The Lucky 13: Week Four: Gore! The Vault of Horror This is part of an ongoing round-table discussion on various aspects of the horror genre. This week’s take on the art of “gore” is especially interesting. [thumb][/thumb] Wentworth’s Day, … Continue reading

The Graves

i watched THE GRAVES recently (one of the 8films2die4-iv). despite appearances from fan-favorites tony todd and bill moseley, i just didn’t like the film very much. but don’t take my word for it — THE GRAVES is apparently so bad … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of June 15th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) Animals (2008) After sleeping with Nora (Nicki Aycox), a sexy stranger passing through town, Syd Jarrett (Marc Blucas) undergoes a supernatural transformation that plunges him into a new reality and sparks conflict with Vic (Naveen … Continue reading

AFTERMATH pops up on Netflix Watch Instantly

AFTERMATH, perhaps the most disgusting film ever made (and one of the films on our most disturbing horror films ever made list), has just popped up on netflix watch instantly. the only circumstance i can imagine you wanting to put … Continue reading

Naughty Bear Slasher Costumes

the idea of store-specific pre-order incentives for games usually annoys me and i don’t think i’ve ever been influenced to buy a game based on them — until now. i didn’t have an overwhelming interest in NAUGHTY BEAR (coming soon … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of June 8th, 2010

(descriptions from Netflix & BestBuy) Shutter Island (2010) World War II soldier-turned-U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) investigates the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane, but his efforts are compromised by his own troubling visions … Continue reading