Monthly Archives: February 2011

Best. Game Trailer. Ever.

if this were a movie, i would watch it. if it were a food, i would eat it. if it were a business venture, i would invest in it. as it turns out, it’s a video game called DEAD ISLAND … Continue reading

The Horrors of Garbage Pail Kids

most of us discovered our love of horror early in life, and the reasons for this probably aren’t that hard to determine. apart from the obvious ‘things that traumatize us as children become sources of attraction in adulthood’ concept, there’s … Continue reading

Horror Community Highlights – February 11, 2011

Tura Satana: 1938 – 2011 Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire A great tribute to an exploitation icon, and one of the inspirations for Tarantino’s Death Proof. My Bloody Valentines: A Comparison Retro Slashers Can’t decide whether you’d rather watch … Continue reading

Everything I Learned in High School I Could Have Learned From Watching Horror Films

Conventional wisdom suggests that horror films offer cheap thrills, voyeuristic indulgences, and the satisfaction of our darker impulses towards violence and death. I won’t argue against any of that, but I will add that horror films can also offer more … Continue reading