Monthly Archives: May 2009

Let’s Take a Virtual Terror Tour

google street view is both one of the coolest and one of the creepiest things ever invented. not only can you travel instantly around the globe, you can look into the windows of people living thousands of miles away, see … Continue reading

Left 4 Dead 3D

if you recently purchased my bloody valentine 3d, friday the 13th part 3d or anything else in 3d (if you own the adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl, i wouldn’t admit that publicly), i may have found another use for all … Continue reading

What The Hell Is An Onechanbara?

i have no idea what ‘onechanbara’ means, but i definitely have a handle on the next three words that comprise the subtitle of the wii version of this game — bikini zombie slayers. after reading those words and realizing they … Continue reading

The Last Horror Film and Shuttle

the last horror film this week see’s the release of david winters’ 1982 film the last horror film (aka fanatic) on dvd. genre fans will immediately recognize joe spinell and caroline munro from their leading roles in maniac. this reunion … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 19th, 2009

with a title like mega-shark vs. giant octopus, i’m very tempted to choose it as the pick of the week. i mean, how great of a title is that? however, i’m going to have to go with my bloody valentine … Continue reading

Killing Floor

killing floor, sort of like left 4 dead lite for the pc, was released this week and you can pick it up cheap ($20) on steam. it’s a fully co-op zombie shooter where you and friends fight off wave after … Continue reading

P2 and Martyrs

P2 Anyone who’s a fan of Seinfeld knows the “Parking Garage” episode in which George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer spend the entire show wandering a parking garage looking for their lost car, while encountering unsympathetic strangers and a heartless security … Continue reading

Horror DVD Releases – Week of May 12th, 2009

s. darko and plague town both look interesting, but i have the highest hope for the grudge 3. directed by the guy who brought us splinter last month (toby wilkins), i’m hoping he can bring the same quality seen in … Continue reading

Vampire Showdown: Twilight vs Let the Right One In

A few weeks ago @DVDSnapshot stated on twitter that he believed Let the Right One In was the most over-rated film of the year, while he was very fond of Twilight (see his reviews here and here). @DVDSnapshot runs a … Continue reading

AfterDark 8Films2Die4 III

it took me a while to get through all the films in this year’s afterdark 8films2die4, but last night i finally finished up the last one and i thought i’d share what i thought. is this third set of eight … Continue reading